Digital Technology

At Cairns Square Dental we pride ourselves with keeping up with the latest dental technologies.

Such as our digital xray machine which allows us to view xrays immediately, our intraoral camera to allow you to see problem areas and our new endodontic equipment which saves time and improves the success rate of Root Canal Treatments.

We also pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies that make your visit more enjoyable such as our televisions, coffee machine and internet in the waiting room.

IntraOral Camera

Connected to our state of the art dental chairs is an intraoral camera.

This allows us to take photographs of your problem areas for you to view on our 15" medically approved monitor.

Using this technology we can also take before and after photos of work that we have completed for you.

Digital Xrays

Our digital xray technology allows us to view the image on our state of the art software almost immediately after we have taken it.

Not only does this allow us to more effectively view the xrays, as size and contrast of the images can be adjusted accordingly, but it also makes the process more cost effective for you as we dont require the resources to produce the xray.

Endodontic Equipment

Root Canal Treatment is now faster and with better results due to our new rotary endodontic and root canal sealing equipment.

Better results in a faster time, now thats got to put a smile on your face :)


Relax before and after your visit.

Our plasmas in not only our waiting room but also in our surgerys are a wonderful distraction. Why not relax back in the dental chair and watch a movie while we work.

Lab Equipment

In our surgery we have new state of the art lab equipment.

This allows the team at Cairns Square Dental to create mouthgaurds in your team colours, bleaching trays and night splints perfectly moulded to your teeth.

Using our equipment we are also able to create study models of your mouth to allow us to more effectively provide you with first class dental treatment.