Dr Daniel Richards, BDS (NZ), BSC (NZ), Fellowship of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

“For me, dentistry is a very personal experience. I really enjoy getting to know my patients’ needs. I believe in delivering the highest quality service to all my clients using the latest technology and expertise.”

After completing his qualifications in Otago, New Zealand, Dr Daniel Richards spent over ten years working both internationally and locally. In late 2010, he opened his own state of the art surgery, Cairns Square Dental, in the heart of the Cairns CBD.

Dr Richards is a firm believer in continuing education, constantly acquiring new qualifications and regularly attending courses and seminars. He knows that keeping up to date with the latest dental techniques and technologies is crucial to his being able to provide first class dental care to his patients.

Dr Richards is well known in Cairns for his cosmetic dentistry. He has the qualifications and equipment to enhance his patients’ smiles with dental implants, teeth whitening, crowns and veneers. He has the ability to work on teeth without their looking as though they have been altered or filled. They appear as if they are just naturally beautiful.

As an expert Cairns restorative dentist, Dr Daniel Richards can restore cracked teeth and teeth with cavities in a very natural looking way using white, mercury-free filling material. Not only are such fillings very affordable and functional but they are also cosmetically pleasing.

Dr Richards is one of the few Implantologists in Cairns. As an implant dentist, he uses the latest implant techniques to replace his patients’ missing teeth without the need for dentures or other methods which can damage surrounding teeth and tissues. Through the use of implants, Dr Richards is able to give his patients beautiful smiles that are longer lasting than when other restorative procedures are used.

Dr Richards believes that patient education is extremely important and practices preventative dentistry in Cairns. Not only does he take the time to teach his patients about good oral hygiene but he also shows them how poor oral health can be financially draining for them and how it can also have a huge, negative impact on their general health and wellbeing. Dr Richards uses many techniques to help his patients avoid poor oral health and its consequences which can include gum and periodontal disease and cavities.

When performing root canal procedures, Dr Richards utilises the latest in Endodontic equipment such as a gentle rotary file system and warm “gutta percha” sealing of the canals. Gutta percha is a sterile material that we use when filling root canals. In addition to its durability, teeth that have gutta percha root canals will no longer be sensitive to the sensations of hot and cold or feel that sudden jolt of pain from eating sweets. These techniques allow our root canal treatments to not only take less time than traditional methods but also have a higher success rate.

Dr Daniel Richards is a very caring and compassionate dentist. Whenever a patient experiences a dental emergency, Dr Richards will try his best to see that patient after hours or on the same day they call.

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